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Bingo Game Patterns

Bingo patterns are one of those most essential elements without which the game of bingo is simply not possible. Bingo patterns are as crucial to a bingo game as bingo numbers are. These patterns are the building blocks of bingo.

A bingo game can have several winning patterns, and based on the difficulty level of the pattern, the payout is decided, if ever a player achieves that winning pattern.

Furthermore, some patterns are played in a particular schedule, wherein the bingo game is named after the pattern being played and the objective of the player is to be the first one to complete that pattern.

To achieve the desired pattern, watch out for the numbers as they are called and match them on your card to create that specific bingo pattern. To win, you must be the first player to complete the stipulated pattern on your bingo card.

Bingo patterns are the essence of any bingo game – be it the modern 75 ball bingo or the classic 90 ball bingo, bingo patterns add spice to every bingo game!

Although the 90 ball bingo doesn’t offer much variety in terms of patterns, 75 ball bingo has enough variety of bingo patterns to offer you that refreshing experience with every game.

Nowadays, online bingo sites offer a myriad of bingo patterns to players, ranging from the traditional straight lines to the more atypical ones such as champagne glass, bow tie and so on. While the list of bingo patterns is endless, mainly these can be classified into four types.

  1. Blackout or coverall patterns: This pattern promises the highest payout since the players need to mark-off all the numbers on their bingo cards. Very often, the game is played with a black colored dauber, which is why the term blackout is used. Also, this pattern has its own specific schedule, and is also called blackout bingo for the same reason. Most coverall games have a fixed jackpot prize being offered, which keeps on decreasing as the number of balls increases once the threshold is reached, for example after the 38th call.
  2. Static Patterns: As the name suggests, a static bingo pattern is fixed and cannot be rotated on a bingo card. Many regular bingo games are using static bingo patterns in determining the winners, and whoever achieves the winning pattern first receives all the prize money. To win, you must cover every numbered box highlighted in the pattern image on your card.
  3. Crazy bingo patterns : Unlike the regular static bingo patterns that you are probably already used to, the crazy bingo patterns are not something fixed and they will keep on rotating from 90° to 180° and then they will rotate from 180° to 270° on the bingo card that you have in front of you. Thanks to the fact that these patterns tend to be a lot more difficult to achieve compared to the classic ones, some players find it to be very stimulating, especially for those players that enjoy a challenge.
  4. Wild bingo patterns: An amalgamation of static and crazy bingo patterns, wild bingo patterns are usually scattered and can be found anywhere on your bingo card. These patterns don’t change their shape, it is only their position on the card that keeps switching.