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Bingo review sites offer prospective for anyone wishing to embrace the exciting online world of bingo. If you want fun and adventure look no further. Online Bingo Point is your ticket to the best online bingo sites.

We provide the options for reading reviews and also, getting straight into the action and playing the games. If you have some queries, questions or concerns – read on!

Who We Are?

We are a team of bingo experts, our goal is simple – we want to provide players with the best experience we can. We are a supportive review portal for the players. We provide detailed information on bingo sites; benefitting not only the beginner but also the veteran.

Our reviews are unique and updated with the latest information, if you’re a beginner – we hope to inspire you to play, as well as educate you on the concepts behind bingo. We give guides on how to maximise your winnings, and how to maximise your fun!

Besides the review section, we also provide the portals that link you with a click to all the best bingo sites! We provide details on the newest and grooviest sites, as well as the biggest and best sites, and importantly; the sites with the best rewards!

We welcome all players to test our knowledge, and make Online Bingo Point their home!

Why Online Bingo Point Is So Special?

Here at BingoGringo we love what we do. Not only do we want to provide information on bingo, we also want to create an environment that celebrates the community!

We are market-leaders at providing bingo bonus offers, no deposit bonus offers, free bonus offers, (the trend here is bonus offers!) and revolutionary with our comparisons and reviews.

We’re on your side, and we want to maximise your winnings! Unlike other sites, we combine the formalities of bingo with what bingo truly is; a game!

What Makes Bingo Reviews So Important?

We provide reviews that deal with accurate and effective game information. All our reviews are regularly updated with the purpose of bringing consistent awareness to social promotions and bingo halls. Our reviews concentrate not only on gameplay but also critiquing the facilities of live chatting, chat rooms and free rooms.

Our reviews quickly identify the games associated with jackpots, slots and real cash prizes. By reading each game review, players can make up their own mind which bingo platform is appropriate for them. Just like with everything, a little research can go a long way!

What Are The New Bingo Games?

Online Bingo is an exciting world; full of fun and amazing rewards! Many new bingo sites have challenged the ‘standard’ bingo design, and used innovative ways to reinvent the game with new features and themes!

The diversity in online bingo means there is never a dull moment and players have unlimited fun!

The best sites offer a variety of games, bonus offers and real cash prizes. These offers are included with signup, welcome bonus, no deposit, first deposit bonus and second deposit bonus offers.

Maximum and minimum bonus offers are also available with games that require a certain amount of money as a deposit.

Why Is Online Bingo More Interesting Than Other Existing Games?

Bingo is a game that you can never predict! Unlike some other games, bingo continues until you have a winner, so there are always prizes to be won!

The sense of continual hope with each ticket, and the rewards of victory mean that bingo is always exciting. The social functions mean that you can make friends and join an active community, cheer each other on and celebrate together in each other’s successes.

The rules are very simple, so it doesn’t take long before you start availing the prizes. We believe that bingo taps into the very nature of humanity; companionship and fun!

What Is The Importance Of Bingo Software?

Online Bingo runs off highly advanced software, depending on your network speeds most of these are designed to run smoothly, prioritising a friendly and accessible user-interface.

Many sites use flash drives and are playable online, however some require downloads to play. Do not be alarmed if a download is required.

If you have any concerns with safety, all the portals we advertise on our website have been validated and authorised.

How Do I Register To Bingo Websites?

Almost all bingo sites will require registration. It can be as simple as filling in a form and providing details of age and gender. These are normally made very apparent and you will often be directed to ‘registration’ by entering the website. It is normal for a bingo site to ask for your card details.

If you notice a ‘no-deposit’ or ‘free bingo bonus’ don’t be alarmed if you are still asked to fill in card details, you will likely not be charged, instead – some sites require your details for authorisation, how else can you receive your real cash rewards!

If you are concerned; make sure you pick a bingo platform from Online Bingo Point, as these have all been verified.

What Are The Special Offers In Online Bingo?

The inclusion of no deposit bingo bonus offers and free bingo has stood bingo out of the online gaming crowd – it’s possible to win big with nothing! At Online Bingo Point we provide players with all the best special offers!

Many sites will tempt newcomers over with signup bonuses, these welcome sites are a terrific way to start bingo, and many of these ‘welcome sites’ will include bonuses that come from first deposit and second deposits.

For example, if you deposit £10 you can use £50! If that doesn’t tempt you – there are some sites that require no deposit at all! A free bingo site is a great way for a beginner to trial and learns the ropes.

Often the games will be limited to ‘free games’ but if you catch the bug you’ll want to play more! For the glory seekers bingo also provides jackpots; these rewards are the highest and can involve hundreds of thousands of pounds!

Why Are ‘No Deposit Bingo Offers’ Important To The Game?

When you don’t have to pay to play, that means you don’t have to pay to win! Many sites now offer free bingo games; beginners can utilise these to trial games and see if they enjoy them.

When there are so many sites competing for your custom, the best bingo sites and often the newest bingo site, will use free bingo to win you over! But of course it’s you that does the winning. Free bingo is literally a way of making money for nothing.

How To Get Deposit Information?

If you are interested in playing online bingo beyond free no deposit bingo, then at some point it’s likely you will have to make a deposit. Don’t fret! Bingo software makes this a very simple process.

If you are logged in – it’s likely you can see your current credit, and there will be simple instructions to add more; often this can open up membership to ALL bingo games and content!

General Questions about The Fabulous World of Online Bingo:

Can I play for free or do I have to deposit real money?

The world of online bingo is simply limitless in both size of the industry and the sheer number of offers available to you, so the short answer to that is YES!

You can play online bingo for absolutely free and in some cases still walk away with cash prizes. We have compiled a thorough list for you of where you can play and the diverse number of bingo offers available which will work for you; see our free bingo page for more details

.Is it legal to play online bingo?

UNITED KINGDON As with everything, we are subject to the laws of the country in which we live in. In the UK, it is entirely legal to play online bingo (which is why we are accustomed to seeing famous faces in TV adverts promoting sites like

You must however be over the age of 18 to play online bingo. Any activity found to be conducted by players under the age of 18 will be invalid and any actual winnings cancelled. If you do not live in the UK, you should check the laws for your particular country or state before playing online bingo games. UNITED STATES If you’re seeking an answer to the legalities of playing online bingo you’re probably from the USA because the issue of gambling here has been a topic of concern.

In short, the answer is Yes – if you’re from the US you are allowed to play online Bingo. While the legislation passed in 2006 has caused some Bingo operators to obstruct players from the US – there is still a plethora of professional, secure and trusted US online bingo sites accepting US players – see our reviews on US Bingo Site Reviews In fact the popularity of online bingo is rising in the States due in part to the fact that there are just too many legal loop holes when dealing with the internet, for example, most of the online bingo sites are located outside the US so don’t fall under US authority and law.

So, to put it briefly, citizens of the United States are allowed to play online bingo for cash winnings. US banks are not allowed to pay the lucky US winner their winnings – however most of the well-trusted favourite, legal online bingo sites accept players from the US and by means of legal offshore companies can process your payment and pay you your winnings.

AUSTRALIA In 2001 the Australian Government passed a law which prohibits only the operators of interactive online gambling and not the players themselves. In Australia, it is not illegal for an Australian to play bingo online and win cash prizes and receive them, it is illegal for a gambling operator whether based in Australia or outside to provide the service to an Australian.

So, as the player, you need not worry, you are perfectly within your rights to play online at international sites – which you can and already do. That said Australian operators are allowed to carry on offering online gambling activities to Australians if they were already doing so before 2001 when the new law was passed.

Lasseters Online is effectively the only Australian-owned and-based casino that is officially allowed to operate. The law is due to be re-reviewed however it is unknown which way it is likely to go…

Is there an age requirement to play online bingo?

UNITED KINGDON The minimum age to play bingo (and any other type of gambling activity including the lottery) in the UK is 18 years of age. UNITED STATES In the US, the minimum age requirement in land based casinos differs from State to State, in some States the minimum age requirement is 18, while in others the minimum age is 21.

One of the most visited online bingo sites by US players – – states that the minimum age is that which is considered to be the minimum within “Your Jurisdiction”.

So it is your responsibility to know otherwise should the jurisdiction in which you reside discover your winnings, they could be forfeited. In addition, be sure to check out the Terms & Conditions page of any website you visit before playing.

How do Online Bingo sites make money?

Online Bingo websites make money like any other business does – by providing a service which they reap payment for. We all have oodles of fun playing online bingo so we don’t see our wager as a payment as such – because we are expecting a return on it, but it is.

However, if you consider the hundreds of thousands of people that are making stakes on bingo everyday (you just need to visit one of the chat-rooms at your favourite site) and the amazing jackpots that are offered and won as prizes, you can begin to see how it works. Of course it’s hard to quantify the sheer sums that are involved.

Online Bingo sites rely on 3 main components to make their business profitable; a web presence i.e. a great website that is easily accessible to all potential and actual players. Secondly, they rely on Affiliates to help them point the players in the direction of their site – which they do by making offers and promotions that you will hopefully deem more attractive than the next operators and from which they will generate revenue.

Thirdly – what all this amounts to is traffic; the number of people that will visit their site and play. As you will see on our Reviews page and Online Bingo Winners page and elsewhere, some Online Bingo sites have jackpots that run into the £millions£.

The Bingo sites themselves are protected with insurance against these huge wins, which is why they can continue to offer outstanding offers and free bingo and impressive promotions which you can benefit from. In short, the online bingo business all together is bigger than all the money you alone can throw at it so there is plenty to go round.

How can I learn the rules of Online Bingo?

The rules to online bingo are simple; there are a number of bingo variants available on the internet, so first and foremost if you’re not familiar with bingo at all, you need to know which game you want to play.

Look at our online bingo school tab – it tells you everything you need to know in order to play; 30 Ball Bingo, 75 Ball Bingo, 80 Ball Bingo, 90 Ball Bingo, Team Bingo, and Keno. Our Online Bingo School will also help you with some of the online bingo terms that may baffle you (like auto-daub) and some of the quicker more abbreviated lingo you’ll find used in the chat rooms.

Essentially, online bingo is a doddle. Take a look at the Bingo School and then you can see the Free Bingo sites under our Free Bingo tab, which can point you in the direction of some of the best online bingo sites around for Free bingo games. This is the ideal way for you to practice and perfect your online bingo skills, at the same time as winning cash prizes and more. Easy peasy!

What is the most popular form of online bingo game?

The two most popular forms of bingo – both online and land based are 75 Ball and 90 Ball bingo with either one being more popular than the other depending on where you live. In North America, the most popular of the two bingo variants is 75 Ball; this is a 5 row x 5 column card (with the centre square left ‘FREE’).

You need to complete a pre-set pattern to win the ‘Bingo!’ This is a very fast and punchy bingo game and you’ll need to keep your wits about you. In the UK (Europe & Australia), 90 Ball Bingo is the bingo game of choice. That’s a 3 row x 9 column card. In this game, you have 2 chances at calling ‘Bingo!’ It’s a slightly slower paced game but one of the most popular bingo games to play online.

One of the trillion benefits of playing bingo online means you can play both of the most popular types regardless of your demographic because they are equally prominent. In addition, there are 80 Ball Bingo, 30 Ball Bingo, Team Bingo, Free Bingo and Bingo Chat Games, as well as Slots, Jackpot Bingo, Tournament Bingo – which are all offered by the most reputable sites.

There are loads of online bingo sites to choose from and the majority of them offer a number of games for you to play at a number of different prices. Some bingo games come in as little as 1p or 5 cents a card, while others come in at say £5 a card (in most cases; the higher the card the bigger the bingo jackpot).

The online bingo game you should be most concerned with is the bingo game that appeals most to you and that will depend on a number of things, like game play, rules and pace. There are different rules for each bingo variant, see our Online Bingo School tab for more details on the different types of online bingo games.

Which online bingo site is the best?

There is no clear answer to this question, it’s like asking; how long is a piece of string? Some bingo sites are laden with glittery surprises while other bingo sites are more sedate and direct.

Some bingo sites have frequently changing bonuses and promotions that offer all sorts of wonders, while other bingo sites offer free bingo and competitive deposit bonuses, but are otherwise thin in the online bingo promotions department. What I am trying to say is – it depends what takes your fancy.

Even in online bingo, we are all individual in what appeals to us most. As a rule, we only promote the best sites available. We are unbiased and impartial, but do clearly state what we are in favour of and what we are less enthusiastic about. We suggest you read the online bingo reviews to find out for yourself.

In addition, it’s important you utillise the online bingo Promotions and free bingo section on this site because they change frequently and can make a difference to which online bingo site appeals to you at that moment. Finally, because we provide a comprehensive list of those sites widely considered the best, we advise that you try a few out, and see for yourself.

Which of the online bingo sites has the best bonus?

Please see our free online bingo section. Bonuses are an important part of the online bingo offering and unless you know what you’re looking for or what you’re looking at, they can be confusing.

We point you in the direction of the Top 5 Free Bingo Bonuses, the Top 5 Deposit Bonuses and the Top 5 No Deposit Bonuses. You can also look at our online bingo reviews because deciding which bonus works for you may also be dependant on what else the online bingo site has to offer.

Security issues and online bingo:

Is it safe to play online bingo?

Absolutely. Otherwise we wouldn’t be promoting it! If you’re playing on one of the bingo sites that have been recommended by us in our Reviews and free bingo sections – you’re fully protected. All the online bingo sites that we recommend have the strictest of regulations regarding their security systems.

Security is the principle branch of their business and all online bingo sites recommended here operate with what is called an SSL Protocol, encrypted to provide card security and privacy of your personal details. In other words, this is hacker-proof, so your confidential details remain just that – confidential. Also, don’t forget to keep your passwords and usernames safe.

How can I check that the site I am playing at is safe and fair?

You need to be certain before depositing any cash that the online bingo site you are using has a license from one of the recognised licensing authorities.

All of the recommended online bingo sites on have such a license, so you can be sure that all online bingo sites on our website are regulated, fair and honorable businesses. Regulated online bingo sites make it easy for you to see where their license is from and will often show the logo and the name of the authority from which the online bingo site has received its license at the foot of the website’s home page or displayed somewhere in the online bingo lobby.

Well-known licensing authorities only issue a license to online bingo sites, which are strictly controlled. Well-known regulatory bodies sit in Kahnawake (Canada), Antigua, Gibraltar, Malta and Curacao.

How can I know that the games are random and I am not being conned?

When we play bingo at a bingo hall, we can see how the numbers are drawn and we have faith in the random unpredictability of the numbers called. But how do you know that the same arbitrariness is applied to online bingo? Well, we’ll tell you.

The real life bingo machine in the bingo hall is, online, replaced with something that does the same – pulls numbers (card numbers and ‘called’ numbers) at random, this is called a Random Number Generator (RNG). We won’t baffle you with science, but the RNG means numbers that are completely unpredictable, irregular and devoid of any pattern are pulled so the bingo game is always fair.

These random number generators are tested for their fairness on a regular basis by big accounting companies such as PriceWaterhouseCoopers and Ernst & Young. Bear in mind, that the online bingo sites have no need to affect the outcome of your game. As the house, they always retain a small advantage over the players collectively. Some of these bingo sites are huge businesses with hundreds of employees.

Some are listed on the London Stock Exchange. What we are trying to say is, that it is not in the interest of such a large corporation to con you out of a few pounds or dollars. Long term customer relationships and loyalty are what make these businesses so profitable. Also, in today’s interconnected world, a bingo site that scams its players will very quickly be uncovered, shamed and forced to go out of business.

Licenses can be revoked for the slightest misdemeanor. Fortunately, these instances are very rare indeed and we have had no issues playing online bingo in the last five years.

How do I know that my data is safe and won’t be sold to third parties?

All of our recommended online bingo sites use 128-bit SSL encryption technology to ensure that your data is securely transmitted and stored and hacker-proof. These encryption technologies are exactly the same ones used by the largest banking and financial institutions worldwide.

Can online bingo lead to gambling addiction?

Everything in life can lead to an addiction, from shopping to junk food, cigarettes to computer games. Of course, prevention is better than cure, but that doesn’t mean you’re never going to go shopping with the girls again (and perhaps spend a smidgen more than you should), or sink your teeth into a quarter pounder (when you’re on a diet).

No fear! No, as with everything – there are precautions you can take and rules you can set for yourself which you could apply to most activities, including online bingo play;

For example:

1. Limit the amount you are going to spend before logging on and be sensible in deciding what that can realistically be (no more than a small fraction of your disposable income). Also, never borrow money for your online bingo play.

2. Do not abandon your responsibilities or commitments in order to play online and don’t make your online entertainment your only source of distraction and amusement

3. Don’t use online bingo as a way to ignore uncomfortable feelings or anxieties.

4. Be aware of the warning signs that your sideline leisure activity is becoming something closer to a habit. For example, dishonesty. All online bingo sites have information on responsible gambling which you can read.

Registration at Online Bingo sites:

How do I get the software to play online bingo?

A small handful of the online bingo sites will require you to download software before you can play, where you need to do this, rest assured that the download on the online bingo sites is easy as chips and free.

There are clear instructions on these sites giving you a step-by-step guide on how to download so you can begin playing online bingo. The vast majority of sites however don’t even require a software download.

The games simply appear in your browser and you can start playing online bingo straight away!

Can I open more than one account at an online bingo site?

Big no-no. Don’t even think about it! Once you have opened an online bingo account you must always play with this account. Anyone who tries to open more than one account to collect as many of the super bonuses available as they can will be considered by the online bingo site as a fraudulent player.

This will invariably lead to your account being closed and even confiscation of any winnings / points. There is no need to even consider this as a viable option; there are lots of amazing re-deposit bonuses available to you and you can always open a new account at a different site if you want to take advantage of some other offers.

Which deposit and withdrawal methods can I use at an online bingo site?

Among the major online bingo sites, there are numerous deposit and withdrawal options such as credit cards, e-Wallets, prepaid cards and many others. Look under our individual reviews and you will see which payment options each site offers.

If I use my credit card to play online bingo, what will be written on my credit card bill?

Bingopoint only recommends online bingo halls that use online fund systems with the very tightest security measures to protect your transactions. These systems typically have non-descript names such as “Processing Ltd. Interpay.”

Or “Ecash”. If you want to know exactly which description will be used in your credit card bill, you can just contact the customer services of the bingo hall you will be using, before you deposit any cash.

I would rather not use my real name to register an online bingo account. Can I use a fake name and address?

But what if you win the jackpot!? The answer is no, not if you want to win! Online bingo halls need your real data in order to protect themselves against fraud and money laundering.

If you win the bingo jackpot – or anything else for that matter, the online bingo security department will contact you to confirm your identity. You also do not want to miss out on all the other perks you receive, either by referring a friend or earning loyalty points etc.

Bonuses at Online Bingo sites:

What are bonuses? Some of these offers sound too tempting to be true…

Online bingo halls can offer huge bonuses to attract new players (matching your first deposit by 100% and more) and retain existing ones (by offering re-deposit bonuses for example).

See our Free Bingo tab for our top 5 bonuses. The reason why online bingo halls can offer such high bonuses to online bingo players, is because they don’t have the same high operating costs that the land-based bingo halls have.

Therefore, a high percentage of the profits of these online bingo halls goes back to the online bingo player in the form of a bingo bonus or a promotion. This is one of the great benefits to playing bingo online!

Which types of bonuses are there?

A No deposit bonus is effectively any bonus that an online bingo site offers to their players free of charge simply for registering, without having to deposit any cash in to their bingo account.

This no deposit bonus is put straight into your account and allows you to start playing and competing for prizes. It is important however that you look at the Terms & Conditions, as there are usually restrictions for cashing out this money. In addition to the no deposit bonus, most bingo sites will also offer a deposit bonus.

A deposit bonus will often range from about 100% to 300% of your deposit amount. In other words, the bingo site will match the amount you deposit with free money! If a bingo site offers a deposit bonus of 100% up to £100, it means that on a deposit of £100, the site will give you another £100 in bonus money, so you can play with £200.

If you deposit £50, the site will give you another £50 and so forth… Re-deposit Bonus Re-deposit bonuses are usually in the region of 50% – 100% on your first re-deposit. You can get a better idea which online bingo sites offer what by checking out our reviews section. Free Bingo Play Some online bingo sites don’t give anything resembling a no-deposit bingo bonus in the traditional sense but instead offer free bingo, sometimes the amount of free bingo you can play is capped, at some online bingo sites you can go on and on playing for free for as long as your heart desires.

Look at our online free bingo tab for details of where to play free online bingo! Others Some sites offer other types of bonuses; for example, at a player who calls ‘Bingo!’ on a card with the wink bingo pattern will receive more in the way of prize bonuses.

Therefore, if you’re playing with your no-deposit bingo bonus and Bingo a wink card pattern, all your Christmases have come at once, because you have won more than you could on any other bingo pattern.

Technical questions about online bingo:

What happens if I lose my internet connection in the middle of a game or my PC crashes?

The majority of online bingo sites have a special software function which makes it possible to stop the game if your Internet connection is aborted or your computer crashes.

After you log in again, you will automatically be brought back to the moment in the game when your connection was lost, but your cards will still have been played. So don’t worry, if you won the jackpot – the winnings will still have been attributed to you and put into your account!

Can I close the chat room window if it annoys me?

It depends on the bingo site you play at. Some sites have an option to log-out of the chat function or to close/hide the window. If there is no button allowing you to do this, the chat window will remain open. All the same, it shouldn’t interfere with your game.