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Types of Bingo Bonuses

Each Bingo website offers different types of Bingo Bonuses to its players, however, some of the most common types of bingo bonuses include:

No Deposit Bingo Bonus

Nowadays, most bingo websites are giving away free no-deposit bingo bonus to attract more players. This is a reward for a prospective player to try a particular site before making a deposit, and allows them to access the site and play real money games at no cost.

Any winnings with this bonus are transferred into the player’s account and can be withdrawn whenever the player makes his or her first deposit. The amount of bingo bonus may vary from site to site, but most often it ranges between £5 to £15 at UK Bingo sites.

Sign-Up Bingo Bonus

Also referred to as first deposit bingo bonus, the sign up bonus is awarded when a player makes his first deposit at a site. Usually expressed in the terms of percentage, this is a onetime bonus, which typically varies from 100% to 300% of your first deposit amount.

For example, if you made a deposit of £25 at a particular bingo site that offers 300% first deposit bonus, you receive £25 + 300%(£25), which comes to £100.

Also, these bonuses often come with riders and limitations and can only be withdrawn once you’ve wagered the requisite money.

Reload Bonus

Another popular form of bingo bonus is the reload or re-deposit bonus. This bonus is for existing players who make further deposits into their player’s account.

Just like sign up bonuses reload bonuses are also expressed in percentage, and differ from one website to another. Of course, reload bonuses too are subject to a maximum limit and usually range from 50% to 150% of the deposit amount.

Again, like any other bonus, these bonuses also have certain terms and conditions which must be thoroughly read before making a deposit at an online bingo site.

Other Online Bingo Bonus Types

Other than the regular sign up and reload bonuses, online bingo operators have worked out a variety of other bingo bonuses for players.

You will find many bingo sites dishing out bonuses in forms of prizes in promotions, or BBS in chat games. Bingo bonuses are often expressed in a currency value and will explicitly tell players whether the prizes are cash rewards or bonuses.

Loyalty Reward Points

This is also a type of bingo bonus, although slightly different to earn. Loyalty points are awarded to players depending on the amount they spend on the bingo games.

For example, a particular bingo site awards 1 loyalty point on every 100 wagered, which can be redeemed against cash, goodies or further bingo games, depending on the site’s terms and conditions. Every site would tell its players how to convert their LPs into money.

Referring a Friend

Some bingo sites offer you a bonus for referring a friend to them. There are many good friend referral programs that may even offer you cash rewards depending on the amount your friend deposits.

In this article we’ve talked about online bingo bonus in general. Different bingo sites may offer different bonuses at a particular time.

We want you to make the most of these bingo bonuses, which is why we’re constantly searching the web to bring you the best bingo bonuses around.